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The Dream Team

An inspiring, encouraging, positive place to tend to your own splendid dreams, with a team of folks who believe in you

Hello dear! The Dream Team is all about helping myself and others remember, every day, that we are the creators, the curators, and the dreamers of our experiences. 

The Dream Team is a subscription service where members receive a daily text message asking a question designed to get your imaginative wheels turning -- getting you activated towards what's good and what you want to create for yourself. You can engage with the prompts on your own, as well as share your responses in The Dream Team's group threads. 

Unlike larger journal prompts or wisps of inspiring quotes, what you receive from The Dream Team is meant to be the perfectly do-able portion that gets your internal imagination engines going, your inner vision looks to your own horizon and knows where you're heading. The daily prompts are meant to be able to be engaged with in under 2 minutes; during your morning pee, as I like to say. That way, this practice is sustainable and effective. 

I personally have been wishing for this for a long time, and I'm so excited to see all the dreams and joyful journeys The Dream Team will nourish, connect, and activate. 

  • The Dream Team

    Every month
    Where we splendidly tend to our dreams
     7 day free trial
    • a community of folks tending to their dreams
    • by responding to daily prompts delivered via text message
    • (sent individually, not a group text)
    • we respond on our own, and in the website hive, too.
    • Also, access to all the Good Morning, Creator forums
    • where Hannah provides active guidance and support
    • and we all celebrate the dreams that keep coming true


Hannah is a magnet for creative inspiration. Not only for herself but for those around her as well - her openness calls in even more inspiring ideas and thoughts and feelings for those in her company.

Nikki / Maine

These skills help my daily mental health when I want to pivot my mood and choose gentler, softer, happier ways of navigating my experiences. I feel much more confident in my ability to manifest my dreams and that I deserve to realize all that I desire.

Natalie / California

Along with The Dream Team

you'll receive access to

The Good Morning, Creator forums

that support the upcoming online Good Morning, Creator course

You can feel free to engage with the content in the forums, and use the questions there to

support your practice of dreaming with

The Dream Team 

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