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Tending Toolkit

 An Emotional Empowerment Training Program


Learn how to harness the power of your emotions and get clear, excited, and inevitable about where you’re going & what you’re creating with your life.

Excited? Want to skip to registration?

Can you imagine being able to....

This doesn't have to be a big deal, hard, or mysterious. Emotional design is a simple framework that makes emotional and creative empowerment easily accesible. 

  • Purposefully and genuinely transition from one emotional state to another?

  • Take yourself out of a rut of thought or a situation that feels stuck, and create a new momentum of thought in a direction you prefer?

  • Drastically limit time wasted by trying to work from an unproductive emotional state?

  • Identify where you aren't expecting things to go well, and then create positive expectation and prove it to yourself?

  • Support yourself and others with creating anything out of the unknown (a relationship, career, project, trip, event, etc.) ?

Is something getting in the way?

"Can this even be taught?"

Do you think that moods can't be controlled? Do you think they just happen to us and we have to ride whatever wave appears?

"I think if I start to feel my feelings, I'll be incapacitated by them."

Do you feel like there's just too much there, and you'd rather not feel anything at all?

"That's a luxury I can't afford."

Do you think that being in tune with and affecting your emotions is only for people with a ton of time or money?

Let me tell you a bit about myself...

My name is Hannah Lee Hoffman, and I have worked with dozens of people through facilitating group workshops, teaching online classes, and through one-on-one coaching. 

In high school I started to have a sense that when people create art together, they were creating an exhilarating kind of peace and harmony. I went to UC Berkeley and focused on Art, while also taking courses in Peace and Conflict Studies, and Cognitive Science. After college, I started really observing that people don't only create art: our emotions, expectations, and our imaginations determine all of what we are capable of experiencing. We are all, either consciously or unconsciously, creating our realities. I began studying and collecting all kinds of simple tools to affect our emotions, imaginations, and therefore, our realities. I used these tools to co-create HoneyLa, a community art-making space in North Carolina, which was a long-time dream of mine. These tools are amazing for helping dreams to turn into reality.

Throughout my work with dozens of people, I love hearing over and over that these tools change peoples' lives for the better. I particularly love hearing that folks teach these tools to the people in their lives! I envision these tools becoming commonplace: people valuing and listening to their feelings, and knowing how to feel, pivot, create, and celebrate. 

In this program, you get personalized attention in gathering together the tools for tending
to your emotions, imagination, and creative capacity that 
work for you. 
Yes, I can help you!

Tools for Tending

This training program is for folks to be empowered by their emotions: to know how to get to clarity, and to create from an aligned space.

We do this by first immersing ourselves in the tools for emotional awareness, and then skill-building the tools for emotional design.

You'll specifically learn how to:
  • Understand which emotions indicate a useful state for taking action, and which indicate needing to care for oneself first

  • Move through strong uncomfortable feelings to genuine resolution and transformation

  • Take yourself out of a rut of thought or a situation that feels stuck, and create a new momentum of thought in a direction you prefer

  • Activate all kinds of collaboration, synchronicities, and support from a place of being clear about what you are creating and how you want to feel 

There are many kinds of coaches and counseling out there. With Tools for Tending, we focus on the creative potential of the present moment through the lens of our emotions. Perhaps our emotions are showing us we need to feel our feelings from the past, or we need to dialogue with a certain aspect of our lives. When we're hopeful, excited, and joyful, we can then move into imagination games that activate inspiration towards delightful next steps. We also practice genuinely pivoting from one emotional state to another. 

Unlike other training programs, you won't join and then find...
  • You are one of so many participants that you don't get individualized attention

  • Your life isn't relevant to the material

  • You get a bunch of material that you don't really have any idea how to integrate ir, or it doesn't find it's way into your daily life

  • It moves too fast, and there's no way of keeping up

  • You lose interest as the material says the same thing over and over

How is Tools for Tending different?

With Tools for Tending, I am dedicated to supporting each participant with two 3-hour one-on-one sessions where we take the material and talk about how it applies directly to your life right now. The sessions are designed to be long enough that we can do all the exercises together, and you can ask questions and make sure that each piece of it really makes sense to you. 

There's also several tools for every step of the way, so if one technique doesn't work for you, another one will, and we can explore together and find out what works best for you. 

With Tools for Tending you get:
  • Two 3-hour one-on-one phone / video / in-person sessions with Hannah

  • Access to The Dream Team, text message subscription service that sends daily inspiration-activating questions

  • Follow-up summary of digitally drawn notes reflecting what we covered in the session and what uniquely works for you

  • Access to the curriculum online, so you can continually print out worksheets and restock your toolki


Price: $600


Comprehensive Training

       I will have specific frameworks and tools to share that build on each other. We will move through the material together in real-time, so we can make sure you clearly understand what we're working on, and then we put it into practice by doing the tools together in the session. 


       At the end of each one-on-one session, there will be a prompt to continue practicing and integrating the material. Homework can take as long as you want to give it. You may feel complete after 5 minutes, or you may want to spend half an hour daily on the new tools. It's up to you.

Want to see how it comes together?

Session One: The Landscape of Feeling

We begin by mapping the realm of emotions, practicing tools for being in our harder feelings, and exploring what works for you specifically to uplift your mood.  We practice techniques that help us shift momentums of thought that aren't serving us, and we generate new expectations where we want them.  


Session Two: Nourishing New Realities     

We explore a myriad of games and tools for activating new realities, and you get to pick which ones we practice in the session together. We practice tools for bringing emotional stewardship into our relationships, and we practice activating new realities in our communities.  

With Tools for Tending you get:
  • Two 3-hour one-on-one sessions with Hannah 

  • Prompts to continue the work and practice it on your own

  • Personalized weekly summary


Price: $600

Tools for Tending would be helpful for you if you...
  • Wish you had a better handle on and insight into your emotions

  • Feel stuck in what you're experiencing and don't know a way to create change

  • Feel fear of the unknown (rather than excitement)

  • Don't have a reliable way of getting yourself to a place of clarity 

  • Think of happiness as elusive, something that happens by accident or in small blips

  • Have some tools for emotional design but could use support in making them a larger part of your life




Alyssa, North Carolina

Hannah's work is sure to be a golden ticket for anyone learning or relearning how to feel their feelings, practice radical self acceptance, or open in trust of divinity / spirit / what-is-bigger-than-us. She does not claim or preach salvation, she simply offers us the tools to become better equipped to handle where we are. She helps us see and remember the magic in our own luminosity.


My dear friend Hannah is an amazing coach. Her calm way and warm smile open you up to believing in yourself. She has many lessons to provide, all which help you learn how to create peace and harmony within yourself....[this] experience inspired me to dig deep and find ways to see my life and my person in a positive light....The creative designs from this course help to switch negative internal thoughts and spin them into positivity.


[This] is a beautifully executed course in digging deep, focusing on identifying and clarifying emotions, and achieving our dreams, ultimately raising mass consciousness to the next level....It really did empower my creativity. I felt like I was taking a course in growing my imagination skills....Before [the course], I was not focused on emotions as being the beginning of my path toward manifesting my desires. Now, it just seems so natural. How wondrous!!!

Shelli, California

Kat, North Carolina

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With Tools for Tending you get:
  • Two 3-hour one-on-one sessions with Hannah 

  • Prompts to continue the work and practice it on your own

  • Digitally-drawn personalized after session summary



     Price: $600