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Tending Toolkit

 An Emotional Empowerment Training Program


Learn how to harness the power of your emotions and get clear, excited, and inevitable about where you’re going & what you’re creating with your life.

Excited? Want to skip to registration?

Can you imagine being able to....

This doesn't have to be a big deal, hard, or mysterious. Emotional design is a simple framework that makes emotional and creative empowerment easily accesible. 

  • Purposefully and genuinely transition from one emotional state to another?

  • Take yourself out of a rut of thought or a situation that feels stuck, and create a new momentum of thought in a direction you prefer?

  • Drastically limit time wasted by trying to work from an unproductive emotional state?

  • Identify where you aren't expecting things to go well, and then create positive expectation and prove it to yourself?

  • Support yourself and others with creating anything out of the unknown (a relationship, career, project, trip, event, etc.) ?

Is something getting in the way?

"Can this even be taught?"

Do you think that moods can't be controlled? Do you think they just happen to us and we have to ride whatever wave appears?

"I think if I start to feel my feelings, I'll be incapacitated by them."

Do you feel like there's just too much there, and you'd rather not feel anything at all?

"That's a luxury I can't afford."

Do you think that being in tune with and affecting your emotions is only for people with a ton of time or money?

Let me tell you a bit about myself...

My name is Hannah Lee Hoffman, and I have worked with dozens of people through facilitating group workshops, teaching online classes, and through one-on-one coaching. 

In high school I started to have a sense that when people create art together, they were creating an exhilarating kind of peace and harmony. I went to UC Berkeley and focused on Art, while also taking courses in Peace and Conflict Studies, and Cognitive Science. After college, I started really observing that people don't only create art: our emotions, expectations, and our imaginations determine all of what we are capable of experiencing. We are all, either consciously or unconsciously, creating our realities. I began studying and collecting all kinds of simple tools to affect our emotions, imaginations, and therefore, our realities. I used these tools to co-create HoneyLa, a community art-making space in North Carolina, which was a long-time dream of mine. These tools are amazing for helping dreams to turn into reality.

Throughout my work with dozens of people, I love hearing over and over that these tools change peoples' lives for the better. I particularly love hearing that folks teach these tools to the people in their lives! I envision these tools becoming commonplace: people valuing and listening to their feelings, and knowing how to feel, pivot, create, and celebrate. 

In this program, you get personalized attention in gathering together the tools for tending
to your emotions, imagination, and creative capacity that 
work for you. 
Yes, I can help you!

Tools for Tending

This training program is for folks to be empowered by their emotions: to know how to get to clarity, and to create from an aligned space.

We do this by first immersing ourselves in the tools for emotional awareness, and then skill-building the tools for emotional design.

You'll specifically learn how to:
  • Understand which emotions indicate a useful state for taking action, and which indicate needing to care for oneself first

  • Move through strong uncomfortable feelings to genuine resolution and transformation

  • Take yourself out of a rut of thought or a situation that feels stuck, and create a new momentum of thought in a direction you prefer

  • Activate all kinds of collaboration, synchronicities, and support from a place of being clear about what you are creating and how you want to feel