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Tending Sessions

Empowering emotional well-being & creativity

Tending Sessions

What do we do in Tending Sessions?

We often start by identifying what emotional skills and tools you've already got, and which you'd like to develop and/or practice together.

What kind of emotional skills are you talking about?

Tending Sessions: Welcome
Tending Sessions: Contact

Tending Sessions are:

  • Intended to meet you where you are at, and move forward from there:

    • For example, at the time of the session, are you needing some inner tending, or are you ready to give positive momentum to some creations?​

    • Either way, I will share tools & techniques, games & prompts that you can take forward with you to continually tend to your inner garden & outer blooms

  • These are currently being offered over the phone, video-call, or in-person in my office in Asheville, North Carolina

  • Sessions are 1 hour and cost $100

    • can pay for one at a time or get a bundle of 6 sessions

    • payments can be made online

  • Each session is followed up with an in-depth summary e-mail, so you may continually reference all that we covered​

My expertise comes from years of experience coaching, guiding, and teaching. Most of the tools I share I have learned from others and personally adapted over years of use, and taught in many different contexts. I am not a licensed counselor or therapist.  The sessions can be a complement to or an alternative form of therapy or counseling. To learn more about me, visit the About Page


Wanna dive in?

If you're interested in setting up a Tending Session (a free 15-30 minute feel-it-out session, or booking a paid session and don't want to go through the online booking system) send me a note here! Feel free to tell me which session length you'd like to start with, your phone number, and a few times that work for you to talk in the next couple weeks or so. You can tell me if you'd rather work our scheduling details via text or email. Or, go ahead and book a session by clicking one of the "Book Now" buttons below this form.

Thanks for your interest! I will be in touch with you soon.

"Hannah's techniques are intuitive and unique while also remaining familiar and approachable. During our time working together I was able to have a space to release and work through some of the toughest times I've had as an adult. It's alright to let go and have help through tough times, and Hannah is an amazing guide." 

Jack Loring, CA

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