The next round begins mid-summer!

Good Morning, Creator will be offered a few times a year.  After participants have gone through the course, they will continue to have access to the videos, the forums, and the monthly reunions. Participants will be supported in continuing to practice, nurture, and tend to the skills we develop together .

Choose your pricing plan

  • Emotional Designers

    For those who are tending to their emotional gardens
    Free Plan
    • Monthly Emotional Design Prompts
    • Monthly Emotional Designer Reunions
    • A Forum for Support & Celebration
    • Access to the updated Good Morning, Creator videos
  • Good Morning Creator

    Learn and Practice The Art of Emotional Design
    • 8 weeks of Content Bundles
    • Each bundle includes:
    • A pre-recorded video lesson
    • A prompt for integration
    • PDFs of video transcript, summary, and a worksheet
    • Additionally:
    • Weekly Zoom gatherings
    • Forum to share, ask, and celebrate
    • Ongoing access to information and resources


Below are slides showing feedback from Kat Turczyn, a sunflower of a person, a prolific painter, and a participant in the first round of Good Morning, Creator