The Dream Team

An inspiring, encouraging, positive place to tend to your own splendid dreams, with a team of folks who believe in you

Hello dear! The Dream Team is all about helping myself and others remember, every day, that we are the creators, the curators, and the dreamers of our experiences. 

The Dream Team is a subscription service where members receive a weekly e-mail prompt, and can find a fresh daily prompt on the site. These prompts are designed to engage us in imaginative and appreciative games that get us activated towards what's good and what we want to create for ourselves. You can engage with the prompts on your own, as well as share your responses in The Dream Team's group threads. 

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Hannah is a magnet for creative inspiration. Not only for herself but for those around her as well - her openness calls in even more inspiring ideas and thoughts and feelings for those in her company.

Nikki / Maine

These skills help my daily mental health when I want to pivot my mood and choose gentler, softer, happier ways of navigating my experiences. I feel much more confident in my ability to manifest my dreams and that I deserve to realize all that I desire.

Natalie / California