Empowerment Begins On The Inside

Good Morning, Creator is an interactive course that empowers participants to embrace the root of their creative power: their thoughts and emotions. 

The next round begins August 9th, 2021! 
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  • Good Morning Creator

    Learn and Practice The Art of Emotional Design
    • 8 weeks of Content Bundles
    • Each bundle includes:
    • A pre-recorded video lesson
    • A prompt for integration
    • PDFs of video transcript, summary, and a worksheet
    • Additionally:
    • Weekly Zoom gatherings
    • Forum to share, ask, and celebrate
    • Ongoing access to information and resources
What's this all about?

The course is a journey of slow-and-steady steps to become adept at creating in what we call our Emotional Gardens.


Participants practice tools for refining their Emotional Awareness as they get to know their emotional garden as it currently is. 


Then, we move into Emotional Design, where participants are empowered to design and create within their emotional garden.


Our emotions determine what we are able to think and experience. Once we start to purposefully create in our emotional gardens, we begin purposefully shaping our external realities, as well. 

What tools will we refine in the course?
  • A personal relationship with merged perspective/god/spirit

  • Understanding the relationship between our feelings and our merged perspective

  • A practice of being present with and finding the gifts/patterns in uncomfortable feelings

  • A practice of not taking big action from uncomfortable feelings

  • An understanding of the nuances of the Law of Attraction

  • A tool for developing new expectations

  • A tool for re-routing strong negative momentums

  • Knowing what uplifts you in different emotional states

  • A practice of designing experiences, starting with the emotions

  • Ways to integrate imagining new realities into your daily life

  • Ways to make inspiration inevitable

  • Ways to connect this practice with our loved ones and our communities

What is the structure of the course?


  • Weekly pre-recorded video lessons

  • Video transcripts, summaries, and worksheets

  • Prompts to integrate the material

  • A forum to share responses to the prompts & to discuss the material, get support, and celebrate successes

  • Weekly Zoom gatherings (available to those who sign up for Good Morning, Creator & Good Morning, Friend)


  • One-on-one support sessions with Hannah (can be requested at any point)

What are the lessons?