Tending Sessions

Phone/Video Sessions

Tending Sessions sometimes look like:

  • splatting (the client speaking out whatever is on their heart/mind)

  •  digging in to feelings

  • creating new momentums of thought

  • playing games to uplift to a clearer space

  • celebrating

  • inquiry

  • suggestions of practices

  • learning and implementing emotional gardening and emotional design tools, etc.

There's often a prompt for the client to continue the work of the session on their own. Laughter, tears, anger, confusion, sadness, whatever you may be experiencing--it's all welcome. This is not a therapy session that will result in any kind of diagnosis. This is an empowerment session that will result in you feeling joined and empowered to feel your feelings and design the reality you prefer. 



If you're interested in setting up a Tending Session (a free 15-minute feel-it-out session, or a 30, 60, or 90 minute sliding-scale paid session) send me a note here!

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