About A Splendid Tending

This practice is tended to by Hannah Lee Hoffman, an artist who loves playing in many art forms, particularly that of our thoughts and feelings.

While living a very intuitive and magical lifestyle (riding her bike over mountains with a broken zither), Hannah was drawn to people and experiences that gave her the perspective and tools to sharpen and discern what really was her intuition, ways to actually shape the flow that she was going with, and irrefutable evidence that we are all the Divine creating whatever we please. She also joined a traveling band of playful folks, gave birth to her daughter Ruby, and crossed the United States many times!

Hannah’s favorite phrase used to be “good morning”, for all the potential and blank-canvas feelings that came with it. As she enters into her fourth decade of life, cares for her daughter, tends to her relationships with her partner, friends, and community, a new phrase has emerged: A Splendid Tending. This phrase represents the joy of showing up to tend to her thoughts and feelings, which ripples into tending to her body, her spirit, her relationships, and the world. 

Welcome to A Splendid Tending. Here, we believe that empowerment begins in your emotional garden. We’re so excited to support you, if you want it, with tools and perspectives to tend to your own emotional garden. 


Hannah Lee Hoffman

While she’s working on A Splendid Tending and her other projects, Hannah loves drinking chai, color-coding things, and taking dance breaks. Her office is in Arcata, California, within a building that used to be a church, and is now called The Creative Sanctuary. When Hannah is not working, she loves to tend to her garden and home, to play with her loved ones, and she is magnetized to water and swing sets. She is known by her friends and family for being obsessed with honey, lace, and dust.