A Splendid Tending

Welcome to A Splendid Tending, a space for the community of emotional designers to learn, refine, and practice their skills together. Here, we believe that empowerment begins in your emotional garden. We’re so excited to support you, if you want it, with tools and perspectives to tend to your own emotional garden. 


About Emotional Design

What does that even mean?

The Emotional Design mascot is a heart with glasses because this practice is all about acknowledging the wisdom, power, and design capabilities of our emotions.


Emotional Design is based on the understanding that our thoughts and feelings determine what we are able to experience. Our thoughts and feelings create the lens that we see through, shaping what we perceive, as well as magnetizing us to conditions and experiences that match the emotional vibration of those thoughts and feelings. 

In order to teach Emotional Design, we first must teach Emotional Awareness: being aware of our feelings and what they are indicating. Once we are adept at feeling our feelings, we can navigate the terrain of designing experiences, starting from the realm of feelings, and following inspiration from there.

These tools are all about authentic feeling, empowered creativity, and nurturing our dreams into fruition. 


The person behind A Splendid Tending

This practice is tended to by me, Hannah Lee Hoffman. I am an artist who loves playing in many art forms, particularly that of our thoughts and feelings.

After studying art at UC Berkeley, I felt an intuitive urge to cross the country and move to Maine. In that experience, and in many subsequent leaps-of-faith, I’ve learned that the most powerful thing we can do to shape our experience is to imagine it into being. And, our ability to imagine effectively is directly related to our emotional state. 

This is where A Splendid Tending comes in. I have compiled my philosophy and practical tools for navigating emotional awareness and emotional design into a curriculum that introduces folks to this way of being. This curriculum is offered through the Good Morning, Creator course and one-on-one Tending Sessions. 


More about Hannah

I love working on A Splendid Tending and my other creative projects from my office space, which is nestled into The Creative Sanctuary, a gorgeous old building that used to be a church. My window looks out on a tangle of jasmine vines. I’m often here with a mug of chai, sometimes popcorn, and a myriad of watercolor sets. I love taking dance breaks, and hanging out and singing with the other residents of The Creative Sanctuary.

Every day, my daughter, my partner, my puppy, and my beloved friends and family are on my gratitude list. I am also super grateful for notebooks, headphones, and bubbly water. 

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The Gladcast Podcast

My friend Natalie Marie Kinsey and I produce a podcast called The Gladcast: Shit to be Glad About. You can listen to it here, or wherever you listen to podcasts.

Personal Practice with Patreon Community

I share my current projects, insights, and updates with my Patreon community. For whatever monthly $ contribution feels great to you, you can get your nose in the roses of my personal, perpetually growing and changing creations.

Art Archive

If you’d like to see an archive of my past art projects, performances, and collaborative art environments, my online portfolio lives here.